#24 My placement at Kindred Advertsing Agency




So I have learnt by now it is all about who you know, it is all about conversation’s that start and end with ‘yeah, just ping your cv across’ or ‘so what are studying’, ‘What do you want to do’ always lead to more.. OR even conversations in the toilet whilst putting your lipstick and your friends 21st, these all lead onto knew experiences, new learning and just new…

Which is how I found myself at Kindred Agency on a weeks placement in the quirky, cool place we all call Covent Garden, London!

So I got chatting to a friend of my boyfriends who worked at the advertising agency, I was introduced over email, I then went down to see him and chat about what would be beneficial from starting on a placement there and then popped over there for a week, where I worked with all different departments from the Marketing, Project managers, account managers, social networks and the creative team. Where I did all sort from a lot of researching to finding number of viewings, to looking into newspaper articles, food recipes, updating Facebook pages – basically anything that is relevant to what they were doing right now with to do with the project they are working on.

I really enjoyed myself, I have added a couple of them as references onto my C.V as I worked with a lady called Mandy (she was my buddy) throughout the week, giving me work to do and introducing me to people around the office and Chris who organised the placement for me. It was a really good and interesting week, I loved it! I would defiantly be interested in working in the advertising industry, I found every day very interesting!

I also got a lovely bottle of Champers and a card to say Thank-you on my last day which was super nice! It was a good week and something extra to put onto my CV.


– Kindred are known for the ‘make my milk’ campaign.





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