#23 Interning at Redshark


I met the owners of the production company Redshark in April last year (2012), whilst at university studying Media Production, I had to get some professional experience so after doing some researching and I lot of phone calling I finally got a YES from a company, that company was Redshark. I was with them for two weeks. I had such a good time working with them on my placement, I was lucky enough to be involved in several projects at the time with companies like Deloitte, IATE, Unilever. So that was really interesting and exciting for me because for me this was the first time really being involved in the media industry, a production company and professional projects, clients and jobs. I was lucky enough to stay In contact with them, when I finished they mentioned about working with me again so I decided it would be a very good idea and to keep in touch.

Skip forward a year and a bit later in May 2013 I was invited to an event in Shoreditch (where Redshark are based), to celebrate the production company’s 10 year anniversary, so I went and whilst there I was asked to come back to do some work in the Summer for a couple of months.

Skip forward two months and it is July 2013 I have been fresh out of university for two months, looking for jobs setting up placements and I am all booked into work for Redshark for 7 weeks starting the 17th of July and I did and I loved every minute of it!

I helped with shoots, to making quotes, writing up call sheets, burning disc for the Kent graduation and printing the design for the cd’s, I manned the office whilst both owners where away.  I learnt a lot from it, a lot of experience and a defiantly feel for what the media industry is, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I will defiantly stay in contact with them as they were a delight to work for and it is all about having contacts in the media industry!

A successful summer, some would say!



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