#17 Serendipty; A fortunate accident…


I watched this film ages ago and think about it all the time not really remembering it, so I decided to watch it again on a Saturday afternoon and it was a perfect film for a Saturday afternoon. The second time I watched it I remembered it all so clearly and why I loved it the first time around. This film is so good with the two main actors John Cusack plays Jonathan Trager and Kate Beckinsale plays Sara Thomas. Whilst in New York they meet each other, they go for tea in a café called ‘Serendipity’ which means: – A fortunate Accident. They decide how unusual this is that she writes her name and number in a book, he writes he’s name and number on a $5 dollar bill. He pays with it and she gives away the book so that if this is ‘really true love’ they will each find their object and get back on contact.

As time moves on so do Sara and Jonathan lives and this is where the story of the film really gets going and becomes interesting. I just love everything about this film, the cast, the location, the story, the way the story is being told. It is a true romantic. This is such a lovely film and one that is just all about the great saying I love ‘everything happens for a reason’.

What is also brilliant is the fact that you have a couple of places that are actually real the Serendipity café is in New York which is just beautiful and lovely. I defiantly would love to go visit this café because it has so much history to it with such a lovely film that is one of my favourites.




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