#15 I have an Empire Subscription & I love it


So at the end of June 2013 I decided to subscribe for a whole year to Empire magazine. I have a friend that studied with me and he was always bringing his Empire magazine in each month and I just loved reading it. It had everything new in the media Film and Television world. Having this subscription has made me learn even more about what is coming out of the Film and Television world, what is new and coming soon. All the latest news and events that is happening with everything film.

Each month I cannot wait for the new magazine, what film will be on the cover – it’s a subscription cover which is even better. Each cover has been so good, in the picture above you can see the four covers I have got so far, cannot wait for the October issue to come and see what film is so big to be on the cover of next months issue.

I already have an Elle Subscription because I love keeping up to date with everything in the fashion and beauty world but I have a passion for Film, that is what I want to do so being up to date is perfect for me and relevant for my future career also I love film, I love being up to date with everything that is going on – this is perfect for me, so having this subscription is the easiest way to do that + this magazine has been going on for a long time and the editor Mark Dinning ‘The editor in chief’. I love reading his welcome letter to the magazine, it is brilliant: full of wit and banter and lovely stories.

I would defiantly recommend this magazine to anyone that is interested in Film. It is great, it gives you all the information you need. It’s enjoyable and it is defiantly a brilliant magazine… So pop to a nearest magazine shop and pick up a copy, tell me what you think. You will not be disappointed I promise.




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