#14 The Cambridge Satchel


I’m in love with The Cambridge Satchel, I remember the first time I was introduced to th Cambridge satchel company was on the television, Google Chrome was telling the story of how the Cambridge satchel became what it is today, within one of their adverts…

The story of how this amazing product has come about was a lovely one; Julie Deane decided she wanted to have a satchel like back when she was a child so with just £600 she did just this and now the company is doing brilliantly!

Once seeing this advert and learning all about the company, I fell in love. I decided I would love to have one so I started looking in to it, seeing what styles they had, the size, colour, price. It was coming up to my birthday February this year and it was my big one, the big 21. So I asked my family to purchase the Brown, 15in, traditional satchel.

I love it, it’s my favourite! I use it all the time and will always use it. I felt like I needed to write about my satchel, even though it may be a bag it is mine and I love it. It is iconic! Satchel’s are timeless that is why they have done so well, where ever you look they are there… just check the blog out on the Cambridge satchel website to see what I’m talking about!

So go check the website out and fall in love with a Satchel just like I did, I promise you will not be disappointed…




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