#13 I’m now a proud owner of a Glossybox UK Subscription, YAY!


So let’s talk Glossybox

After becoming very good friends with a certain Sarah at University (she is a darling), she mentioned having a Glossybox subscription..

I decided to do some research, basically it’s a box, that consists of 5 beauty products, which can be anything from creams, perfumes, eye-liners, beauty accessories a complete mixture!! The box cost’s you £10.00 a month with an additional £2.95 charge for Postage and packaging (P+P) , so a charge of £12.95 a month you would get a box, inside wrapped beautifully in tissue paper and ribbon with beauty products. Each month, you get 5 in the box and they are always different.

I took the plunge and signed up for a subscription in August, where I got my first box and now waiting for my second box for the September month & I’m super excited.

In my August box, I got the following;


– A Emite eyelash curler, price £20.00 APROX. I love this because i have had eyelash curlers in the past (I used them a lot) and before receiving this I had just chucked my last one out because it was falling apart, so this came at exactly the right time. It also came with three extra grips which I think is brilliant, not many give you three spare, it’s more like one. So that was an added bonus!


– A Oceane Makeup remover pen, not sure the price as it is not availble in the UK yet. This product is amazing, it is what I have been wanted forever, does exactly what it says on the pen, REMOVES THE MAKEUP US GIRLS DON’T WANT. Brilliant.


– A Jelly Pong Pong 2 – in – 1 liner/shadow, price £10.50 full size. I love the fact I got a golden brown shade in my Glossybox because that is the exact colour I normally use anyway,


– A philosophy purity made simple 3 – in – 1 cleanser, price £17.50 for 240ML, £28.50 for 480ML. I’m very stuck in my ways with my skin care treatments so I was a bit unsure about what I would get from this and I love the brand, not to keen on the texture of the cream but I would defiantly look into other product’s and I would recommend. It hasn’t swayed me but maybe in the future I might be swayed by a different product.


– A Juicy Couture viva La Juicy Noir perfume sample, (the bottles’) Price £63.00 for 100ML. I have never purchased anything from Juicy Couture, partly because it is just not what I like. This perfume though is lovely and I have been using but personally for me the brand is just too sweet, nevertheless it is really good to be introduced to new products by Juicy Couture.

I think the whole concept of this Glossybox is a brilliant one and I’m so glad I decided to subscribe (I’m on the monthly plan, ‘the rolling subscription’). What is good aswell is the contract I’m on, I can quit at any time which gives an element of relax, not that I will cancel it I love it. What’s also good is in your box you get a leaflet (photos will follow), that gives you all the information about the product, what it is, the company name, how much it is retailed at, where it is from, if it is now in the UK. Facts that I think you want to know, it gives it something extra.

The reason I choose to subscribe it because of the introduction of new beauty companies & their products. I love being introduced to new things and this subscription does just that for me. I love the fact that once you have received your item you can then go back onto the Glossybox website and review the items you got in your box, for each item you get 50 glossydots, once you have 1000 glossydots so 4 boxes worth you get the next box free, I think that is a great incentive for the subscribers to give their opinion on the products for Glossybox and their clients and it allows you a free box once you receive 1000 glossydots, brilliant I say!

I hope this post has made you intrigued and you go and subscribe to GlossyBox you would be silly not too, any more information the website is listed below, as well as the websites of all the product companies too. –







OCEANE is not available in the UK yet, (sigh)


& now I have just got the e-mail to notify me that September issue will be on my doorstop very soon, so exciting…


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