#9 Rookie Blue is back on our screens once more…


Sky – Channel Universal on Sunday at 10pm. There you can watch Rookie Blue, brand new episodes of season four. I have currently just watched episode five and cannot wait for episode six this sunday!!!!

Okay so series three was left on a cliff hanger like every series is, Andy McNally  (Played by Missy Peregrym) is going on an under cover case with colleague Nick Collins (played by Peter Mooney), both of them leaving behind their love relationships hanging by a thread.

The first episode of series 4 starts just how it left off, all you need to do is fast forward six months, they are still on the job.. A lot has changed in Chicago…

I don’t want to ruin the series for you so that is all I’m going to say on the subject! But Right now it is getting really good a lot of the relationships are unfolding, we are loosing some characters and we are gaining some new faces which is exciting! I have noticed that the dynamics of this show is defiantly changing through out this season and I’m only on episode six. So it is going to get really interesting indeed…

I have loved Rookie Blue since I started watching it  in the first series 1 in 2010, it has been great! BUT at the same time it is becoming a little bit frustrating, I want certain relationships to blossom and characters to stop hiding feelings, or to explain their feelings.. EITHER WOULD BE FINE.

Episode Five has left the audience wondering what is going to happen to Nick and Gail (played by Charlotte Sullivan), Gail has had a one night stand with a male colleague from a different department in a different state who likes to pop up on a couple of occasions.. Gail has had enough of Nick and Andy’s flirty relationship and finds out that when they were on their undercover job Nick could have come home on the weekend to visit Gail (his girlfriend) but decided to hang with Andy instead who we find out has developed a little bit of a crush with, DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN, which is why Gail sleeps with someone else! So you can image with an ending like this in episode five, what is going to happen in episode six this Sunday and the next couple of episodes…. The awkward thing is that Nick and Gail have to work together, with Andy!

This is just one 12th of what is going on, on top of the Nick, Gail and Andy love triangle (Andy is blissfully unaware, of what has been unravelled), you then have Traci Nash (played by Enuka Okuma) grieving from her ex-finance who got killed in the line of duty, Dov Epstein (played by Gregory Smith) is missing his best friend, Chris Diaz who has left to move to a new district to start a proper family with his girlfriend and son, who he has only just found out he had (played by Travis Milne), Andy is in this love triangle and is trying to get over her ex-boyfriend Sam Swarek (played by Ben Bass) working with her and dating a new character fellow police office Marlo Cruz (played by Rachel Ancheril) who Andy has just found has BiPolar disorder and is keeping it a secret from everyone. Oliver Shaw (played by Matt Gordon) has filled for divorce and just getting on with it, Chloe price (played by Priscilla faira) is the second new character to be released into the fun of district 15 as Dov’s love interest, in which he is blowing it as per  usual!!

So you can see that every character has stuff going on and with each new episode these stories carry on but new police investigations which happen each episode!

I’m absolutely loving this new series of Rookie Blue, if you have not yet started watching it, GET INVOLVED. It’s a cracker!!!




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