#12 Let’s talk Kiehl’s,

So Kiehl’s is a company that sells everything beauty…

The reason I want to blog about it is because of my boyfriend purchasing some new products from them.

He purchased the following;

– Ultimate man body scrub soap, 200G Bar £14.00

– Ultimate man razor bump relief, 125ML Bottle £27.00

– Facial Fuel, 75Ml £21.00 OR 125ML Tube £29.00

and he loves them!!

In my opinion I don’t think they are that pricey, I spend a lot more on products of that sort anyway. Especially when they are going to help, my boyfriend, get’s bad shaving rash so the Razor bump relief is a god send. All the other products I have had good feedback from him so must be working their magic.

I was lucky enough to see the way it got packaged and it was amazing, (see photo at the bottom), even though some may think it was a little bit over the top for a soap, but I thought it was great. a couple of sheets of tissue paper, white with Kiehl’s branding in printed on to it, sealed soap in a red box with their name on the front and another sheet of tissue paper wrapped round the box. I love.

I would defiantly recommend fella’s having a look and purchasing some Men Grooming items, well worth it I’d say, I think I will be taking a trip myself and see what goodies I can get my hands on….




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