#11 NEWS, Daisy Mason has a twin!

OKAY, So I just want to fill you all in with some really exciting news,

A family friend of mine has just opened her second shop. She has Daisy Mason in Esher right now, has had that shop for over 18 month’s and has opened her second shop it has been open for the last three weeks in West Horsley. (I have put websites down at the bottom of the post, for any extra information)

This is really exciting for Terri, the concept of the shop is just lovely… Esher is full of big furniture, cards, baby gifts, soft teddy’s, lights, clocks, mirrors, handbags, body, face and hand products, candles, burners and lifestyle bits whereas the Daisy shop in West Horsley is just a gift shop with just one or two bigger items for sale. This whole concept has really grown and both shops have some lovely bits.

Here is a list of the different companies that items are sold at the Daisy Mason’s shops you have; Ravens Crown, Sia, Sicily, Jelly Cat, Coach House, East of India, Oak Hill, Ask jewellery, Lauren Lee just to name a few….

All of these companies have such beautiful items that are selling really well in the Daisy Mason shops. It’s so exciting, I can’t wait to go take another visit to both of the shops. I have defiantly missed the shop in Esher as I was working there for a while after I finished University and just absolutely loved it.

So if you live anywhere near Esher or West Horsley, go visit…. you will love it!!!





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