#10 Jo Malone Perfume, Love Love Love

Pomegranate Noir Jo Malone Perfume has entered into my life and I’m so pleased. This item was delivered to me last Thursday and I thought I would blog about it I love it that much.

so let me tell you the story…

A friend of mine was putting on an event Dazzle me Darling, in June 2013 at my old nursery in my Village where I live, she had all different stalls which would be going, I had been to one previous and there were all different stalls some being beauty, some clothing and different types of craft stalls – a complete mixture. So I was expecting just that when I came to the second one. At the same time it was the same friends birthday coming up and my Sister and I were looking at ideas, which led us to a lady’s stall she was selling her Raven Crown products (see at the end of post for website) some of the products we were looking at were ‘Bath Truffles’ which is the same concept as a ‘Bath Bomb’ but it has shea butter init and doesn’t fizz as much. I picked one up and smelt it, I asked what it was & the lady replied with ‘Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone‘.

Instantly I fell in the love with the smell and decided to do a bit of research. I had heard of Jo Malone before, a couple of friends had purchased their products, including three perfumes and they could only say good things about it, I had heard it was expensive (but in my eyes, perfume always is). Anyway so I have been up and down in whether I should buy another perfume anyway as I have the Chancel Chance 35ml bottle which is nearly at the end and for my last birthday I was given the new Coca Noir Perfume the 100ml bottle (that s a treasure, I only wear that on really important occasions, or whenever I go out with my boyfriend because he loves it, haha), so I decided after a lot of thinking about it to buy it…

I bought the Pomegranate Noir cologne 30ml £39.00. What I loved is that you got a free sample of the same or another perfume of your choice, I chose to have the same one so I have even more, plus I take this one on my travels rather than the whole bottle. I also love the fact that postage was free and they way it came wrapped (free of charge again) was delightful. I have had a really good experience with Jo Malone, buying from them, the delivery and the product itself, I would defiantly recommend.

The only thing I can only express is you do not need a lot at all, especially with this perfume. It is strong anyway a couple of squirts on the wrist is perfect. I’m prone to getting headaches if the perfume is too strong so for me a couple of spray’s on each wrist is enough, if you love it overwhelmingly strong, spray away!!!

I hope I have introduced you to some new interesting products from Ravens Crown to Jo Malone, please go visit both websites – You will fall head over heels with them all, just like I did.












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