#8 Orange Is The New Black is completed


I have just finished watching fresh from Netflix ‘Orange is the new black’. After speaking to a friend a couple of weeks ago we were talking about what was new on the television and she mentioned this series. I had seen it pop up on the Netflix homepage but it wasn’t untill she said how good it was that I decided I would watch it. It only took one episode and I WAS ADDICTED.

First series which has come out this year, thirteen episode and It took me just over a week to complete the whole series. It was completely different to what I was used to, it had humour which I loved even though it was based in a prison. I did at times feel slightly uncomfortable because of the sex, abusive behaviour, drugs but otherwise I really enjoyed it and will be looking forward to series 2 coming out next year.

The story is based around Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling) who is middle-aged and goes into jail for a 15 month sentence, for transporting drug money for her Lesbian girlfriend Alex Vause (played by Laura Prepon) which happened 10 years ago. The series starts with in jail, where it flashes back to the days running up to her giving her self in, showing what she is leaving behind which includes her fiance Larry Bloom a writer played by Jason Biggs, AMERICAN PIE EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!

The thirteen episode series sees Piper go through the struggle of starting out her sentence, not having money (it takes a while to process) so she can’t buy things like flip-flops which you will need for the shower as it is so dirty!! She breaks down on many occasions especially when she finds out that her ex-girlfriend Alex is in there with her! Another jail mate decides that she wants Piper to be her jail wife, she tells the cook her food is disgusting. As the series develops Piper sees her self acclimatize to her surroundings and actually make friends.

It shows you a different light in the way that a jail is ruled. Even though this series is not depressing all the time, (it’s light-hearted with humour ) but it does show things that are quite uncomfortable such as sex, drugs and what a woman jail is like when male worked work there. The whole approach to the tv series is what makes it so likeable and so popular.

I cannot wait for the next series to come back on! #excited


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