#7 A quick note, the Autism magnets.

I have just found this pop up on my Facebook feed – ‘Keep calm and support Autism magnets’.  Perfect for supporting Autism and getting the awareness out there!

I am a huge supporter as I have a 17 year old brother who is Autistic and for me it is so important to get support and awarness out there, so people can understand what Autism is and how to deal with it. The more people I make aware of Autism and how it effects people with autism and families surrounded by it the better.

Thomas (my brother) has changed my life considerbly and I know how hard it can be when you are a sibling to a brother or sister that has autism, which is why if we all support we can help the cause. These magnets can do just that!

These days people are supporting different charities and trying to get awareness out to the different disorders and illness that face us day in and day out. Awarness is so important, so please get involved and become aware!!!


These magnets are a great way to support the cause and to get the word out there and to show that you are supporting!

There is a website below that allows you to buy them at just $5 which is no more than £4




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