#6 Skins, Skins, Skins we have loved having you on our screens again…


I have just watched the last episode of series 7 of Skins and I have mix feelings about it. I wanted to see more of the characters come back and a longer series. This six episode series consisted of three main stories, with three of our characters Effy, Cook and Cassie each having two episodes.


First you had ‘Fire’ which is based on the character of Effy Stonem (Kaya Scodelario), she’s now living with Naomi Campbell (Lily loveless) in a flat in London where she also works. In the two-part series she goes from an assistant to a dealer in a very small amount of time, starts a romantic relationship with her boss, pisses her colleagues off and her house mate who finds out she has cancer which is where we see Emily Fitch (Kathryn Prescott) appear.This two-part series sees Effys life go from standard to spiralling out of control!

Even though the ending is a not such a closed case you still are happy with how it ends because in my opinion finally Effy has done the right thing, she is in a good place in her life.

I like how they have just homes in on one particular character even through this first part of the series you do have a couple of members from the Skins cast it still focuses all on Effy, which is what I like,  it shows the good, the bad and the ugly. Which is very Skins! Especially as with every episode on Skins they always focus on one person at a time and what is going on in their life.


Secondly you have ‘Pure’ which is based on the character of Cassie Ainsworth (Hannah Murray) who is now working in a cafe in London and flat sharing in London with a lot of random people, she befriends a girl who she lives with but leaves anyway. Cassie’s discovers that she is being photographed and comes to discover that it is her colleague who she works in the cafe who has been taking photos of her and putting them on the internet. This sparks interest and soon she is being photographed professionally.

Whilst this is all going on she is dealing with the fact that her dad is still grieving over her mother’s death and is falling apart. It ends with her and the photographer ending up fighting, her dad goes on a trip to get his life back in order and her younger brother moves in with her!

The ending of this is pretty bizarre (true Cassie style) , nothing is really tied up but I think that is what was meant for it to be like, that’s how Cassie is as a character so it reflects her well.


Lastly you have ‘Rise’ which is based on the character of James Cook (Jack O’Connell) who is now living in Manchester, he has an off/on girlfriend and is drug dealing for a Gangster. In the last two episodes of this series you see a lot of different things such as sex, drugs, booze, bad language, murder, fighting, blood and heartbreak. In true Cook style everything becomes unpreditcble and dangerous, soon cook is facing his life going in a down wood spiral really quickly.

In this two-part episode you see Cook care and look after people, showing his true feelings for his on/off girlfriend. You see the valuable part of Cook with the way that he isn’t scared to die and just get’s on with what he is dealt. Its Cook for good sake he will be fine! This just made me love Cook even more than I already did. It shows that his a human being with feelings and he isn’t so tough but he will be fine, what ever life throws at him, he throws it right back…

The Dynamics of Skins

I loved the fact that the creators, Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain really did something different with this series, they bought old characters back that we loved, moved there stories on from where it was left in the ending of the last series of skins (series 2/4) and made us see how everything isn’t so colourful and life is not always good, even though they brought something new to the table, they still kept it in the style of the show. The fact you have the bluntness, that everything might not be okay (classic skins) just makes you love it even more. This series has been so intense which is exactly what we know Skins to be. It didn’t shy away from topics that some tv shows like to, it puts it right in front of you, it felt like you were living it with them!

In each episode you watched it being centered on one person in particular what they were going through and the issues they faced. It homes in a lot of serious subjects like Sex, Drugs, Eating disorders and finding out who you are as a person, coming out as being Gay for example. All of these issues are real life issues that happen to teenagers everyday which is why Skins was always so popular it always had that appeal and it always will.

I am glad how they have ended series 7, even though it was not in the normal format and was more like a spin-off but I think it worked, will there be more skins who knowns… All i know is that I wouldn’t mind a little bit more, who wouldn’t want skins to be back on our screens, anyway….


You can find more about skins at http://www.imdb.com

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