#4 ELLEUK & my new obession ‘Bumble and Bumble’


Elle Magazine is a huge magazine I have currently been subscribing to it since 2008. I have kept all of my magazines since my subscription started (running out of space)!

Since March 2013 Elle has had a makeover and a pretty brilliant one at that. It’s fresh and clean and I love it. It has become much more interactive and the magazine has really adapted to how the media and fashion world has changed, for example it has a Elleukonline which allows you to watch tutorials from the beauty queen herself Lisa Eldridge, she is amazing at giving advice about beauty, you have a question she will always have the answer! You can get involved with the #Elleinspire and #elleuk hashtags. For me my life wouldn’t be the same, I feel like I am in a community when I’m reading, ‘The Elle community’.

I have recently had my September issue (Katy Perry is on the front cover) through the post and I’m in love, so much the first thing that I did was Instagram it!!!


I love how the Elle magazine aspires woman and allows you to feel like you are involved with a community, even though a lot of the items in this magazine I can only dream of affording I am determined to be as successful as many people who are highlighted in this magazine with each issue. This magazine is not just a magazine showing you items you cannot afford or places you would never go to because that isn’t true. It is bringing woman and men (if they choose) together to talk about something which we all enjoy, fashion & beauty.

This month’s issue sees a couple of exciting things come with it, first the front cover is of the wonderful, quirky but cool Katy Perry who I love and a free sample of the ‘Bumble and Bumble’ thickening hair spray! I have not yet finished the magazine but I know the interview with Miss Perry will be an exciting one, she is back on the radar, with a new perfume and a new single which is so exciting I love her style and her attitude, she is just brilliant in my eyes.


The second was the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hair Spray I was given a 50ml bottle, which is not a massive size but big enough to test. Now I am defiantly a L’Oreal Elnett girl and not sure about the fact it is a wet spray but I gave it a go and I could defiantly use it in the future, even though I wouldn’t go out and buy it again I have used it on a couple of occasions and have liked the way that it held my hair, I have thick hair so it was good to use a product that is specifically for my kind of hair. Even though this item hasn’t worked for me, I will defiantly buy more of their products.


I looked up the company of my sample and watched a couple of tutorials and I already have a basket full of goodies I want to try, I watched a couple of video tutorials that showed the best way to style a messy look with some volume which is what I try to do when I’m going out of an evening and I have found some great products to allow this to happen! My basket consists of, BB thickening Full form mouse and creme contour plus the BB Prep. All of these items I will order and will review on my blog at a later date. If you do go and have a look at the website – http://www.bumbleandbumble.co.uk there are some BB Volume sessions for all different styling ideas male and female, my favourite was the Defined waves and Tousled Bob.



I would defiantly recommend going to have look on this fabulous website and subscribe to the Elle magazine, you will not be disappointed.

Visit http://www.elleuk.com/subscribetoelle

Go on do it, enjoy with me…


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