#3 My love for IMDB


I wanted to take a minute to just discuss my love for the website: Internet Media DateBase ‘IMDB’ it has literally become my internet best friend.

What happened before this website wasn’t? what did the media do to keep track of all the films? televisions series? documentaries? What happened when new releases came about? How they did it before who knowns but I am so glad they made it because I love it.

It has been a god send for me, I’m constantly on it keeping up to date with everything that is new in the film world, what will be next in the television world aswell. I have watched some amazing trailers before everyone else, it keeps me up to date with new television series come on the TV and when old series return, I always feel ahead of the game.

I think I have enjoyed using it much more since having an Empire subscription where they review films that are coming out, this website allows me to just type the name of the film or television series and it will keep up with all the information I want to know such as; when it will be released, who is in it, what it is about, a trailer aswell, it’s just full of all the information that you want and need.

I would defiantly recommend it to anybody! Go visit…

Check it out at; http://www.imdb.com


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