#2 Hannibal the HBO series that has just finished in the UK.






I have just finished watching Hannibal, which is a HBO series, being show on Sky Atlantic for us in the United Kingdom, the final episode of the first series was aired on the 30th July.

It is the first series, 13 episodes so not a long series, pretty much the same as ‘The Newsroom’, ‘The Following’ in terms of how long the series is. I’m not used to the shorter series but I understand why they do it because of how intense this series is and has become as you get further and further into the series.

So to give you some inside into how I got about watching this and what ‘The Hannibal’ is about I will explain now…

I’m pretty much on IMDB all the time, looking for new updates on films and tv series that are coming out. I love it, it’s the first and best place to go for all the news in the film and television world in my opinion, that is why it is called ‘internet media database’ after all. So after seeing something in the media news on ‘IMDB’ that a new series called ‘Hannibal’ will be starting I kept my eye out on Sky Atlantic to see when it will be on air. I didn’t have to wait too long to see it being advertised on Sky and it was mentioned in Empire about the series and then mentioned again when the leading man Hugh Dancy was in an ELLE magazine earlier this year in their Q & A section, so it was easy to keep an eye on it as it had so much coverage.

It is based on the iconic story of Hannibal Lecter, which if not many of you know is about a serial killer who kills his victims and then eats them. #gruesome!

This series puts a little bit of a different spin on things, (first of all it is a television series not a film)  Dr Hannibal Lecter  (played by Mads Mikkelsen)  is a Psychiatrist a professional one at that. Who finds himself hired by Jack Crawford who is the main man leading the murder investigations at the FBI behaviour science unit (played by Laurence Fishburne) to analyse and keep an eye on Will Graham who has also been hired by ‘Jack Crawford’ to assist in the murder investigations that go on throughout this season, they are trying to find the Chesapeake Ripper. Will has been working at the FBI Academy but has never gone out on the field untill now,  (played by Hugh Dancy) Will has an ability to see how crimes have been committed and to understand why, how and who which are the important details to catch the criminals. What makes Will able to do this is because his brain doesn’t work like everyone else,  he has Aspergers which is a type of Autism, (a metal disorder) Aspergers is high-functioning Autism and allows his brain to work in an incredible way.

I would like to take a minute to say how impressed I am that the writers have incorporated this detail into the character of Will. Autism is becoming made aware of on a much bigger scale and I think it’s important for society to become aware of what it is all about. Having one of the main characters to have this mental disorder on an american television series with a list of well-known actors I think it is wonderful!

On this 13 episode series it shows you how Hannibal is a murderer and how he is manipulating everyone around him. Within each episode, there are new victims being targeted by this “Chesapeake Ripper”. You also have several copy cat’s (one being Hannibal). Even though each new episode is a new murder case, there is an ongoing story throughout which consists of Dr Hannibal manipulating Will Graham till the very end whilst playing his confidant. This series defiantly has the feel of a true Hannibal film with you on the edge of your seat!

Like anything to do with ‘Hannibal’ it is gruesome and very graphic, so it is defiantly not for the faint hearted! I watched this with my mum and sister and at times we did have our hands over our eyes which is probably exactly what the makers of the series wanted the response to be!

With an impressive cast and an interesting and very clever story line, there is defiantly making for  another series which will be coming out in 2014, the last episode ended on a cliff hanger so they have to bring the series back for some more, the next series will be a very exciting one.I have loved watching this series, it has an impressive cast (who some I have mentioned) an unusual but very, very clever storyline which leaves you wanting more after every episode and has given the Hannibal Lecture story a real twist.

As soon as the date of the next series is revealed I will blog about it.





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