#1 Introducing BeauJessie

Well hello there, this is my first post introducing my blog BeauJessie,

The reason I have decided to make this blog is because I love looking into the media & seeing what is happening day to day, I’m a user of many different social networks which allow me to share video’s,pictures, my tweets with the world. I’m also a owner of an Empire magazine subscription & an ElleUK magazine Subscription both which I throughly enjoy.

Film & Fashion are my passion!

The reason my blog is called ‘BeauJessie’ is because I wanted something to sound lovely & I like the idea of using words in a different language, there are some beautiful languages especially French which is one of my favourites, even though I can only speak a few words I have remembed the word ‘Beau’ for a long time, it means beautiful in French. The second part ‘Jessie’ was my Great Grandma’s name and because of that my middle name & I have loved it ever since knowning that & I hope to share it with the next generation of my family. Both words are very important to me & I think highly appropriate.

I have been a constant blogger for the past three years whilst studying Media Production at university in Coventry where I learnt a lot about the Media & all about the best way to blog. So now I’m a graduate, (graduating later this year) I wanted to make my own personal blog and share my thoughts, opionouns & loves of the media world.



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